Multiplayer Damage and Health System in Unreal Engine 4

Unreal Engine 4 contains a powerful multiplayer compatible damage system that works with all actor types. This system easily allows you to create a Multiplayer Damage and Health System in Unreal Engine 4 only using blueprints. Prerequisites This guide expects that you understand how to use basic nodes such as branch, get player controller and…Read More

How to use Multiplayer Sessions in your Unreal Engine 4 game

The Session System in Unreal Engine 4 gives you access to many powerful online features such as the server browser, setting a maximum player limits, setting private and public slots and much more. Using this system is very straightforward and only takes a few blueprint nodes to get working. In this guide I will show…Read More

The easy way to add Voice Chat into your multiplayer Unreal Engine 4 Game

With most games becoming multiplayer focussed or having a seperate mode for multiplayer, many users expect rich features on launch. Features even in early access stages of development such as voice chat, friends lists, inviting to parties from AAA to indie titles. With only a small amount of setup you can add fully working voice…Read More