How to Compile and Package Discord Rich Presence for Linux

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This guide is for Discord plugin users that can’t compile or package their game for the Linux platform.

If you haven’t installed Discord Rich Presence in your Unreal Engine 4 project click here our guide.

The first step is to download all of the required files.

Downloading the Files

To download the library files necessary for compilation, navigate to the releases section of the DiscordRPC GitHub page.

Click here to view the Releases

This file is hosted on the official Discord GitHub page and not

Find the latest release (Green text on the left) and download the file.

Downloading the files for Linux compilation

Unzip the file somewhere you can easily access it.

Installing the Files

Include Files

Navigate to the /ThirdParty/DiscordRpcLibrary folder in your project’s plugins folder and check if you already have the Include folder.

Renaming the include folder to Include

If you have this folder move on to the next step.

If you do not have this folder follow the “Copying files to Compile the plugin” section.

Linux Build Files

Create a new folder named Linux:

Creating the Linux folder

Navigate to the /linux-dynamic/lib folder from the files extracted earlier. Simply copy and paste the file into the Linux folder created in the last step.

Copying the file from the archive extracted earlier


Your Discord Rich Presence enabled game will now successfully compile and package for the Linux platform!

Packaging for the Linux platform is possible from a Windows machine but requires extra steps to enable this in your project.

A guide for packaging Linux executables from a Windows PC is being developed and will be linked here on completion.

To set up the blueprints required for Discord Rich Presence, read the guide here on

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