Common Voice Chat Fixes in Unreal Engine 4

This guide will run through common voice chat fixes in Unreal Engine 4.

These fixes are for both normal voice chat and positional voice chat.

We will update this guide with new fixes as problems are reported.

If you have any issues with the voice chat comment down below as we try to help everyone!

Network Replication Advice

When dealing with multiplayer games, bandwidth and packet sizes have to be considered.

Sending too much too quickly (multi cast events on Event Tick) impacts network performance and prevents voice chat from being sent as the network is too saturated.

Make sure you consider every replicated variable, event and blueprint node that is run over the network.

Many problems can be fixed by optimizing your networking replication!

Common Issues and Fixes

No voice chat audio

  • Follow our voice chat tutorial exactly and make sure to double check each step.
  • Make sure you are using the multiplayer session system.
  • Make sure that both players have a working microphone plugged in.

    If those steps didn’t fix the problem try:
  • Following the “Stuttering or Robotic Sounding Voices” steps.

Stuttering or Robotic Sounding Voices

  • Reducing the number of replicated events running on Event Tick and on timers.
  • Make sure only essential events are replicated.
  • Reduce the amount of multi cast events.
  • Remove redundant parameters from replicated events.
  • Remove audio and texture parameters from multi cast events.
  • Lower your mic threshold value by -5

Voice chat only works on certain levels

  • Make sure your other maps have an actor that is setup for voice chat on a key press.
  • When changing levels make sure to use the servertravel command

    If those steps didn’t fix the problem try:
  • Following the “Stuttering or Robotic Sounding Voices” steps.
    Some levels in your game may include actors have poor replication performance.

Positional voice chat isn’t working

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